Who we are…

Vestada Lux provides an expert video and audio service for any media needs you require. Together with a decade of experience, Vestada Lux will dedicate the time and energy into providing you with your ideal product. We are a great team and truly enjoy our work. 


Brian Merlen


Is a media and film entrepreneur, he graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in 2009. Brian is continuously seeking ways to continue staying up to date on upcoming technological trends and developments in the media industry. 

Brian loves to hike and is very proactive in the local community, he ran for local office and continues to pursue a socially progressive agenda. 


Jessica Andraszek



Is an Audio Engineer and graduated with her Masters of Arts degree in 2012. Co-Founder Brian Merlen and she have collaborated on many projects throughout the years.

Jessica loves her community garden and to cook. she is a very passionate and determined individual. She has traveled to over 40 countries, and was awarded former President Obama's Volunteer Service Award in 2009.